September 18, 2006

Busking Alkmaar

About a week ago I decided that I was going to start playing my music wherever possible and one of the possibilities was to play in Alkmaar on the street. It would be an invaluable experience after my terrible nerves in Het Parool Theater. So....I got in touch with Gemeente Alkmaar and asked about a permit. It wasn't necessary as long as there weren't more than 5 of me! Well nuff said.
I turned up on Saturday and was a bit confused as to where to stand but no place looked any worse than any other so I picked the first place I saw and unpacked my guitar. Feeling a bit like I'm about to take off my clothes in the street.....My heart was beating fast and I really wondered what I was doing here! The weather was beautiful though and the Langestraat was busy and in the spirit of No Fear I pushed through the apprehension and away I went. I started with "On the Way to your Heart" because it's one of my louder ones and I wanted to grab attention. Some people stopped, some kept right on walking, some young lads gave me some stick and I gave it right back to them. I got over the nerves very quickly and began to enjoy myself. I did "Autumn's Child" and "Lions and Lambs" and competed for a while with a barrel organ further down the street. He was louder than me and I finally moved further on down the road to get away from him. Did about one and a half hours in two sets and realised that I need heavier strings. Someone came to tell me that she thought my music was beautiful, a man stood with his daughter and listened with such concentation that I sang almost only for him for a moment. The wonderful Paul Robeson song "Old Man River" really got their attention and I came home with a tired voice and the feeling that I was an experience the richer. Had a ball !! Watch this space; I will be doing that again,

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September 16, 2006


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September 15, 2006

2006 and Further 2.

Mieke and I are back from a wonderful summer holiday in Ireland where we have worked our little socks off building our "House of Dreams" in the heart of county Wicklow. The mountains surrounded and sustained us come wind or weather. We parked our little caravan on site this time and so we only had 20 meters to go to work. This was great because it meant that we could take our tea breaks etc in comfort and didn't have so far to go to work as last year. We could see the house growing against the sky line from out of our window. Mieke will make some new entries to our other web log at so if you want to read more detail you're more than welcome......
We are back in Holland now and both of us have our noses back to the grindstone again. As far as my music is concerned I had a wonderful time, before I left for my hols in Ireland, working with Toek Numan ( terrific composer/arranger ) and Jan van Bijnen ( Lazy J et son Orchestre ) in Toeks studio in Delft. Thank you both for your input AND a great time !!
Gotta go! A million things to do and all before tomorrow......
Bye for Now,
P.S. The photo is a bit on the big side, I know but I don't know how to reduce it's size. If anyone's got any tips post a comment or give me a call.

2006 and Further

Mieke en ik zijn inmiddels weert terug vanuit Ireland waar wij van de zomer weer heel hard hebben gewerkt aan het bouwen van ons huis. Dit is ons "House of Dreams" en het lied wat op de demo "Autumn's Child" staat gaat hier over. 7 weken lang ieder dag vroeg op en vanuit ons caravanetje naar de site toe....ongeveer 20 meter! Heerlijk uitzicht; ons hius tegen het skyline van de bergen zien groeijen.
Wat de muziek betreft is alles ook aan het bloeien. Voor dat wij vertrok naar Ireland dit jaar ben ik weer heerlijk aan het werk geweest met Toek Numan, een zeer getalenteerde componist en arranger en Jan van Bijnen mischien jullie beter bekend van Lazy J et son orchestre. Geweldig. Ik hoop de resultaaten aan jullie soon te laten horen. Via new C.D. natuurlijk !!
Moet gaan.......duizend en een dingen te doen en allemaal voor morgen.
P.S. Oeps....Foto wel een beetje te groot maar toch mooi niet?

March 24, 2006

Recentie Het Parool 18.03.06

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Live on stage at Het Parool Theater

March 20, 2006

Recentie Het Parool

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March 19, 2006

Hello and welcome.......

Bedankt allemaal voor een hele fun filled vijftien minutjes op vrijdag in Het Parool Theater open podium avond.....(zie recentie) De eerste keer met mijn eigen muziek voor een publiek.......Slik. Nou het was, dankzij Jeanette,(die trouwens ook achter de bar gaat staan op dindag) een warm onthaal hoor. Dankzij dat ervaring verheug ik mij op dinsdag wanneer ik de kans krijg om een hele uur te vullen.
Dit is een nieuwe weblog en ik weet niet precise hoe hij werkt maar ik ga probeeren wat photo's en geluids fragmenten erop te plakken. Nou daar gaat ie dan. Ik zie jullie graag op dinsdag.